Get Instant Notifications When Your Listings are Hijacked or Suppressed

...This service really helps me prevent unnecessary lost sales

Spencer Haws 
Niche Pursuits

Your listings could be suppressed right now and you wouldn’t know until it’s too late. Amazon doesn’t send you an alert when your listing has been suppressed!

A hijacker could steal your Buy Box right now and Amazon wouldn’t notify you either!

You spend precious, non-refundable hours attempting to resolve this, losing more sales in the process. You provide Amazon with all the evidence, only for Amazon to respond saying it’s not enough.

It’s infuriating, time-consuming, and you lose sales.

What if you lose your Buy Box, or Amazon suppresses your listings over Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

You’re unable to relax and enjoy Thanksgiving with your family because you HAVE to have your eyes PERMANENTLY glued to your Amazon Seller App. The risk is too terrifying not to.

Amazon doesn’t care.

You need a better system.

Here’s why…

Do Nothing... It Will Get Worse For You

You’ve launched.

You’ve been building sales.

Ranking well.

You’re in a prime position.

Now it’s Thanksgiving - time to relax and concentrate on what you’re truly thankful for: your family.

Not you. The only thing you host is your Amazon Seller App.

Your loved one's nostrils are being filled with the orgasmic smell of a well-stuffed turkey roasting in the oven. They’re enjoying each other’s company whilst preparing the feast.

The only thing you're preparing is how you’re going to get away with constantly checking your Amazon Seller App.

You hear the familiar groans.

“Put it away!”

“Stop working, it’s time for family!”

“We’re eating! Now is not the time!”

“You’ve been looking at that thing all day, spend some time with the children!”

You agree, you put it away while you’re eating. You’re a good person--you understand the importance of quality family time.

You’re eating and talking, but your mind is on your listings…


Amazon does NOT give you an INSTANT notification when your listing is suppressed!

When the rest of your family descends into a food coma on the couch to watch the football.

You pounce straight for your phone/tablet to check.

Your sales have dropped to ZERO.

You’re left train wrecked by suppression at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME.

Black Friday brought in $2.72 billion in e-commerce sales last year.

Total online sales on Cyber Monday rose 16% to $3.07 billion!

3.07 $ Billion 2015 Cyber Monday Sales

You’ve just missed out on that.

The sickness creeps into the pit of your stomach, you want to vomit. All that food and alcohol you’ve consumed isn’t sitting so well.

All that personal time and money you invested in:

  • Finding the right product.
  • Extensively researching your ideal customer.
  • The hours of Keyword research discovering relevant, high-volume search terms that send qualified shoppers to your page.
  • Crafting compelling titles that drive clicks.
  • Sculpting laser focused bullets that brilliantly explain the features/ benefits
  • Your product’s descriptions go deeper than your competitors, it overcomes objections, entice, and close sales.


You’re not getting the time back.

It’s over.

Amazon has suppressed your product at the worst possible time. You couldn’t do anything about it because YOU weren’t notified!

What’s Happened?

Amazon changed a rule.

Amazon cut your title character allowance from 250 to 200.

You received no notification of a rule change.

Now your listing is suppressed.

It’s that simple.

There’s nothing you can do. Amazon doesn't tell you until the damage is done.

Sometimes they’ll give you exactly what it is, sometimes they won’t. You’ve lost hours, potentially days of selling time.

Now you have to spend MORE TIME fixing it.

Time you do NOT have.

You realize how serious the consequences are not being able to deal with suppressed listings immediately.

  • You’ve lost a share of $5.79 billion!
  • You’ve lost your rank.
  • You’ve lost reviews.

Your competitors are laughing! They’ve taken your rank, your sales, and your reviews!

This WILL derail your FBA business for the whole 4th quarter.

This will affect your Christmas sales.

All the momentum you’d generated, gone.

You don’t rank well. Your competitors are ahead of you. It takes time to catch up.

Time you no longer have.

Not being able to check your Amazon Seller App will leave your FBA business crippled.

It’s a giant, size 14, steel-toe-capped boot in the nuts.

How Your Personal Life Will Suffer


You’ve lost serious income.

Income you count on, your family counts on. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest days in the year for anyone who runs a successful FBA business.

Research shows a loss of income leads to reduced entertainment, dining, and extracurricular activities. This means fewer trips, shared experiences, and missed opportunities because of a lack of funds.

You stress about whether you can afford those gifts your loved ones deserve for Christmas.

You’ve got bills to pay--electric, water, medical, the list goes on.

You’ve lost rankings. Your customers will purchase your competitor's products. They’ll see those great reviews that you deserved.

How can you risk not looking at your listings? You can’t (or can you?).

Amazon doesn’t notify you. How do you tackle the problem?

You endlessly monitor your listings.

Time you should be spending expanding your online business, growing traffic, generating new leads.

Not to mention time you SHOULD be spending with your loved ones.

Doesn’t sound very appealing...

How to Protect Your Listings Against Hijackers

So now you’re obsessed to point of self-destruction.

Then it gets worse for you…

A cretin rears its ugly head from a deep dark crevice.

A hernia inducing hijacker.

Hijackers can strike anyone…

  • A successful FBA seller.
  • A new FBA seller.
  • Expensive, mid-range or cheap products.

You WILL have to deal with these money sucking, time-consuming leeches. It’s a part of the parcel that comes with being an FBA seller.

What do these oxygen thieves do?

  • Sell low quality, counterfeit products on your listings!
  • They’ll drive down your price so YOU lose even more revenue!
  • Their shoddy knock-offs take weeks to get to YOUR customers.
  • Leaving you with horrendous feedback/ reviews.
  • Damages your brand's credibility.

How do you protect yourself against these parasites?

  • Build your own e-commerce site.
  • Brand your products better.
  • Register your brand with Amazon.

It’s not enough…

What it really takes…

You HAVE to monitor your listings like a hawk and you MUST ACT FAST!

Not just monitoring your listings and seller central dashboard,

  • You NEED to see your listing from your customers’ point of view.
  • You CONSTANTLY check how many sellers are selling your private label product.
  • Not acting fast will result in a serious loss of sales and brand authority.

How do you expect to do this if you have hundreds of listings?

It happens at the most inconvenient time.

  • In the middle of the night.
  • Public holidays.
  • Whenever there’s an opportunity for you to make more sales. They’re lurking.

Where does this leave you?

  • More lost sales.
  • More stress.
  • Sleepless nights scouring your listings.
  • Less time spent with your family creating special moments you’ll cherish for life.
  • You lose VALUABLE time expanding your business you CANNOT get back!

We all know where the loss of income and added strain to your life gets you.

Get Your Personal Amazon Guardian Eagle

What if I told you, YOU can…

  • Fix the problem fast.
  • Don’t unnecessarily lose sales or your rank.
  • Watch all your listings at the same time without looking.
  • Gain extra time to make money rather than trying to protect your money?

Sounds awesome, right?

When you become a member on Listing Eagle, YOU can.

What if the financial cost is so insignificant you’d think I was insane.

$60 a month? $100 a month? $200 a month? Nope...

As little as $9.97 a month

That’s $2.25 a week!

$0.36 A DAY!!

$0.02 AN HOUR!!!!!

Yes… as little as $0.02 per hour! If you dropped that money, you’d seriously consider if it’s even worth your time to bend over and pick up.

Regain Lost Time and Sales: It Worked For These FBA Sellers


As selling on Amazon as gotten more popular, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the sheer number of hijackers.

So here’s what I do today.

First off, I use a service to alert me of hijackers as soon as it happens. This service is called Listing Eagle.

Basically, it sends me an email within 15 minutes of someone piggybacking on my listing.

Steve Chou

Selling on Amazon is a great business, but the last thing I want to happen is someone taking over my listing without my knowledge. I love Listing Eagle because it monitors my listings for me and sends me a quick notification so that I can remedy the situation as quickly as possible. This service really helps me prevent unnecessary lost sales.

Spencer Haws

I’ve been searching for a number of months for a solution to alert me immediately when another seller jumps on my listing as I get hijacked on a regular basis and thus to be notified as soon as possible is invaluable. This is the best (if not only) solution I have found and it does exactly what I need. I had a seller jump on my listing today and was notified immediately and took action, they have now been removed. Brilliant!

Andrew E.
FBA Seller

The thought of losing my listing to some goober is enough to warrant the low cost of your service

Tim R.
FBA Seller

We bought it for the instant alerts compared to [that other company's] twice a day alerts

FBA Seller

One of the most important things you need to do when a hijacker begins tampering with your product listing is to take action immediately. But you can’t do that if you don’t know that a hijacker has begun making changes on your product listing. What can you do to find out sooner? You can get your very own watchdog that will “bark” to let you know that a potential hijacker is on your site.

Scott Voelker

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Now It’s Your Turn

Simply click this link to to get your own personal omnipotent Amazon Guardian Angel that keeps your FBA business protected at all times.

As an Eagle Listings member you’ll receive:

  • 24/7 Real-time email alerts!
  • Instant SMS text alerts! (Including international SMS).
  • Bulk upload your ASIN’s (No third party access needed).
  • The ability to take immediate action.

Listing Eagle INSTANTLY notifies you as soon as your listing is suppressed.

  • Get your suppressed listing fixed ASAP without losing vital sales/rankings!
  • NEVER feel the debilitating disappointment of realizing your lost sales have been due to a suppressed listing you didn’t know about.
  • Relax on Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones, 100% confident your Amazon listings have no problems.

Listing Eagle will IMMEDIATELY sound the alarm when a hijacker is on your listings.

  • Monitor listing 24/7 to detect any hijacker activity or Amazon suppressions.
  • Get notified instantly when there is hijacker activity or Amazon suppressions.
  • They’ll create customized communications for you to send to hijackers at the touch of a button!
  • Develop a custom strategy and script just for you!
  • Prefer to customize and save your own version of the letters? Listing Eagle can do that!

Listing Eagle empowers a PROVEN process that makes hijackers lives miserable.

  • Send a message instructing them to remove their fraudulent product from your listing.
  • Quickly and aggressively follow up with a cease & desist letter.
  • Hijacker removed, listing secured!

As a successful FBA Seller, you know how crucial it is to act fast and direct.

No more frantically checking your listings. Relax, don’t miss out on events that make life worth living. Don’t let hijackers prosper from your hard work.

You can do this for as little as $0.02 an hour.

You’re 100% safe to just try this out.

For any reason after 60 days, you’re not 100% happy with your listings being monitored 24/7 for you, and all the extra time you have to expand your FBA businessListing Eagle will return every penny. No questions asked.

Decision Time

You’ve got a choice to make: Do you do what you’ve been doing? (or worse do nothing at all). You know where that will get you. Take a new action, plot an improved course, and get a new, better result. Finally spend your non-refundable time expanding your business, making more money and creating special memories for your loved ones, resting easy with the knowledge Listing Eagle is always protecting you.

What do you really want for yourself?

Here’s all you need to do…

Simply click this link: Act fast, sign up today.