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Sep 19

How to Check If Your Amazon FBA Listing Has Been Suppressed or Suspended

By Jon Haver | Blog

In this article I am going to show you how to check for suppressed listings both the often painful way and the easy automatic way!

If you have experienced a suppressed listing you know the frustration of logging into Amazon and the punch in the gut feeling of seeing your listing suppressed and thinking “how did I not know this” or “how long has my listing been suppressed for” or “why the heck didn’t I know this – damn Amazon”

Others experience similar problem - http://theamazingseller.com/tas-216-why-amazon-suppressed-my-listing-and-didnt-know-check-your-listing/ (had a new listing suppressed for 2 days without noticing)

Always always be monitoring your backend

What is a Suppressed Listing?

A suppressed listing is when Amazon determines your listing not to be compliant with their terms and is not providing the best customers experience. As a result they protect the quality of their marketplace and their customers by suppressing the listing.

- See Amazons Suppressed Listing Help Page - Here

Below is how to determine if you have a suppressed listing, to learn how to fix a suppressed listing visit this article.

How To Check for a Suppressed Listing (Painful Way)

For this method you need to be very very dedicated to never forgetting to check! This method requires you to execute the steps below at a minimum daily and the downside is a listing c


  1. Login to SellerCentral 
  2. Go to Inventory - Manage Inventory

         3. Check to see if a “Suppressed Listing” is located there

TIP – It is critical to do this EVERYDAY… one suggestion would be to set a calendar reminder to include a checklist of critical Amazon Seller activities. One way to achieve this is to require a VA to complete whatever your checklist is and execute it every day.


  • Free


  • Your listing could be suppressed for hrs / days without you noticing
  • Drop in sales rank due to lost sales
  • Drop in income due to lost sales

How To Check for a Suppressed Listing (Easy Automatic Way)

The smarter way to monitor any potential suppression of your listings is to use a tool that notifies you by email and text as soon as your listing is suppressed so you can take action and fix it!


  1. Signup for Listing Eagle (24x7 listing monitoring) 
  2. Enter your email/phone number 
  3. Be notified within minutes of your listing being hijacked or suppressed


  • Be notified instantly of being suppressed so you can take action right away 
  • 24x7 monitoring (even when you can’t login to your seller account ListingEagle is monitoring your listings)


  • Not a “free” service but will pay for itself quickly